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How To Check References

Evaluate a Home Remodeler’s References

Before you sign a contract, ask the home remodeler to share names, phone numbers, and/or email addresses of some customers and take the time to see the home remodeler’s work.

Ask to see jobs similar to yours.

Does the quality of the work meet your standards?

Ask the home owners:

  • Would you hire this company again?
  • Did the home remodeler maintain a neat job site, provide regular broom clean-up, and haul away debris including personal trash?
  • Did the home remodeler keep labor and materials delays to a minimum so that your job could be started and completed on time and within budget?
  • Did you find the home remodeler easy to work with? Did the home remodeler keep you informed as the job progressed?
  • Did the home remodeler supply you with paperwork in a timely fashion?
  • How well did the home remodeler deal with the problems that arose?